Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy-duty applications


RAD Torque’s Tools Tackle Tough Jobs on TV

Industries around the world use RAD Torque’s tools, but mining crews on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush are putting them to the test on heavy-duty equipment in remote areas of the Yukon. RAD designed its pneumatic and wheel nut bolting tools with the mining industry in mind – specifically for tightening wheel nuts on haul trucks and …

Neal Gyngard to Introduce RAD Torque Systems during West Coast Wind Farm Tour

The man behind the popular online blog, Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys (TCGM), Neal Gyngard is on tour this summer visiting 30+ Wind Farms along the North American West Coast. As part of his tour, Neal will be featuring key RAD Torque products, such as the E-RAD BLU, to raise awareness about how wind farms can …

RAD Tools: Built to Last

At Rad Torque Systems, we build tools that are meant to last. In fact, we were recently reminded of just how durable our tools are! A customer from North Dakota sent us this photo of a RAD 30 pneumatic torque wrench that was first purchased in 2005 – making this tool an impressive 12 years …

RAD Drag Racing

Thank you Drag Race Canada for this article on how RAD Torque Systems reconfigured Top Dragster. Also a big thanks to JRM Performance who is responsible for a lot of the cars amazing technology.  

Thank you Charity for 16 Years!

We get to work with some great people at RAD Torque Systems. Charity Gruenwald started here in 2001. In the beginning Charity was covering multiple departments; order entry, purchasing, and even shipping. She has a unique talent in getting things done! Today she is the Office Manager where she continues to find new ways to streamline …