NEW! DB-RAD With Angle

The Digital Battery B-RAD Series with Angle Option

RAD Torque Systems is pleased to release the updated Digital B-RAD Series. The DB-RAD Series is now capable of Angle! This will allow for Torque & Angle capability and automatic reaction arm back off after a torque cycle completion.

Torque ranges from 50 - 3,000 ft.lbs with Lower Torque Ranges!

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Thank you to everyone who visited the RAD China booth last week at the China Wind Power show in Beijing!

The new RAD China office is open and is part of RAD Torque Systems long-term strategic development plan to provide local high quality sales and customer service. RAD China is fully equipped for the calibration and repair of all RAD pneumatic, electronic, and battery powered equipment.

Please welcome RAD China!

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That's 5,000 ft.lbs of torque with a weight of only 23.5 lbs!

RAD Torque Systems expands its line of already diverse products by offering another compact and light weight tool. With torque ranges of 1,500 - 5,000 ft.lbs, the all new RAD 50DX offers one of the highest power-to-weight ratios of any torque wrench on the market.

Also available in a spline version that contains the same profile as the classic RAD 50 - compatible with older accessories in the field.

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RAD Torque Systems

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Manufacturer of pneumatic, battery, and electric powered torque wrenches for over 20 years. The only manufacturer who specializes in gearbox design. The lightest, fastest, and safest gearbox on the market.

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Torque ranges up to 7,000 ft.lbs (9,494 Nm)

RAD Torque Systems is pleased to introduce the RAD Transducer Series. The accuracy and repeatability of the RAD Transducer Series has earned the place in calibration laboratories worldwide.

The screen on the transducer allows you to view torque directly on the transducer in real time. Otherwise you can quickly & seamlessly connect the RAD Transducer to your Surface tablet or computer using the included RAD Calibration Software.

Classified to BS 7882:2008 as Class 1 or better for the primary range.

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With 10 Engineers (Mechanical and Electronic) on staff, RAD has the ability to provide custom solutions for all your applications.

New World Technologies Inc. has designed its operations for maximum flexibility and responsiveness ensuring our customers receive outstanding service.

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NEW! RAD Smart Socket™

Measures Torque Applied Directly to Bolt

RAD Smart Socket™ Series use RAD's transducer technology combined with a custom socket to measure the actual torque applied to the bolt during a torque cycle. Comparable in size to a standard socket, the RAD Smart Sockets™ are the perfect audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and can function as a master calibration for torque tools.

Transducer Accuracy of +/-1%, calibrated to ISO 17025 Standards.

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ISO 17025 Accredited

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory

With continuous dedicated to accuracy and precision, New World Technologies Inc. is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory. Each RAD tool is calibrated to these standards.